biobio jewelry

When I visit villages someone always presents ,me with a collection of jewelry asking me if anyone back in the US would buy it. I usually buy a few pieces and take it back to the states. In the US it sells ok but needs a lot of marketing attention--something I can't give it at this time.

If you're interested in a volume purchase of this jewelry drop me a note and well work out the details.  Contact   Prices

311 Huayruro Necklace

312 Choloque/Rosario Necklace

313 Achira Necklace

321 Necklace with Snake bone

315 Pashaquilla Bracelet

316 Choloque Necklace

317 Bracelet with Rosario and Pashaquilla

319 Natural Bracelets

370 Earring fashioned from the Huayruro seed, Ormosia.

371 Earring using the wing cover from the Euchroma gigantea beetle.


375 Earring using the rosario seed, Coix.

323 Necklace with Fishbone More..

327 Necklace with Crocodile Skull

328 Necklace with Snake Head

329 Necklace with Monkey skull

330  Necklace with Euchroma Beetle

331 Necklace with Majas Skull

332 Necklace with Euchroma Beetle Wings

333 Necklace with Huayruro


360 Street Jewelry 1
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377 Earring fashioned from choloque seed


316 Bracelet fashioned form pashaquilla and achira

361 Street Jewelry 2
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