Trader's Dock Blowguns


Yagua Blowguns
Item 825
Complete with quiver, darts, cotton plug, and piranha teeth for sharpening points. Sorry no poison.
$149.95 plus shipping

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Product Typical Fishing Spear
Item #  805
Size      Approx. 6 ft long
Delivery time   60 days
Description     Interesting mixed-technology piece using metal with traditional materials.
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spear1.JPG (8148 bytes)

Product Larger Fishing Spear
Item #  810
Size   Approx. 6 ft long
Delivery time  60 days
Description  Point cut from metal plate     

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Product Bow and Spear Set
Item #  815
Size      3-4 ft long
Delivery time        60 days
Description     Bow made from pona palm, spear has metal barbs and cane shaft
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Large Harpoon for Paiche
Item #820
$149.95 plus Shipping


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