Spear and Bow Set from the Amazon Basin
Item # 815

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In the Peruvian Rainforest I shared dinner with a fisherman along the Nany River. After lunch he introduced me to a friend who had a modest collection of fishing bows and spears used to catch small fish and game along the river's edge. I was able to barter for a few of these pieces and managed to get them back to the states. The photograph shows a bow and spear from the collection that I hope can find a home with an avid collector who can tell its story.

The bow is about 50 inches long and cut from the puna tree that has a flexible wood perfect for this use. I wish the string were made from traditional chambira fibers, but today passing boats sell a manufactured cord to the fisherman for their bows.

The shaft of the spear about 5-1/2 ft long is made from cana bravo, a reed that grows along the river's edge. The points are made from spike nails that are heated and back-cut with a machete to form the barbs. Some kind of string holds the points in place and resin from the copal tree secures the arrangement.

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