From The Peruvian Amazon
Original Dugout Canoes For Sale
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These are working dugout canoes used daily for transportation along the Amazon River and its tributaries.

As I travel through the Peruvian Amazon, I'm always on the lookout for quality dugout canoes fashioned from a solid piece of marupa wood, Simarouba amara. They should have a dark natural stain and show good craftsmanship with the wood carved thin with a good line. Some repairs are expected, but shouldn't detract from the overall look.canoe2.JPG (11793 bytes)

Typically zoos, museums, or serious private collectors purchase these canoes where they make excellent additions to their rainforest displays.

At the right is a good example of a 10-ft canoe that would make a fine addition to a collection or as an interior design piece in an establishment.

Adults prefer a 3.5-meter or longer canoes.

I look for good symmetrical canoes cut thin and with minimum repairs. Repairs using tar and some metal are ok if they don’t detract from the overall look.

I pack them in plywood boxes and ship them down the Amazon River by ocean freighter then up to Houston and though customs. Motor freight transports them to their final home.

Allow 90-120 days for delivery, I have to find the canoe, pack it and find the next ship out of Iquitos.

If you need more information on these canoes you can go to the contact page and send me a note.

I have an article about dugout canoes that details a little more about their construction.

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