Some of these pieces come from deep in the jungle; others are crafted in small towns where the evening electrical generator can power a small wood lathe.

If you see something you like send me an E-mail and be sure to put the item number in the subject line.

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710 Yacuruna Common in the jungle, a devil man on some kind of critter.

700 Vase Collection mske form the wonderful palisangre wood.

712 A Yagua Statue

714  I don't know the source, but maybe i can find out.

722Tahua, Jungle Scrimshaw.

716 Man With Paiche Fish. Common statue in the Amazon Basin

718 Man With Paiche Fish
Excellent Quality

719 Statue Collection 1

720 Statue Collection 2

701 Palisangre Vase

730 Bowl with Lid

740 Typical Barril

735 Wooden Mask of Woman. Must be about 80 cm tall. made form palisangre

732 Mortar and Pestle

734 Upright Barril

510 Batan and Maso A turned version of the common jungle kitchen appliance.

717 Man with Paiche Fish