Generic Rec Batan and Maso

Large Batan With Maso From The Peruvian Amazon

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Every family in the Peruvian Amazon seem to have a collection of batans and masos--wooden bowls and tubs along with an associated club that they use to grind grain and other foods. This batan is about 20 by 9 inches, and shallow, making it ideal for crushing grain. It is constructed from an indeterminate wood.

The masos or clubs are made from a heavy, hardwood that resembles palo sangre, Brosimum, often used for fine carvings.

Batans and masos are usually seen as pairs, so  I prefer selling them that way. When I find an interesting set trade for it, so I keep a few in Peru but none in the US. These large batans won't go by parcel post, but must ship by ocean freighter.

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