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Items Found Around the Home

Like homes everywhere, homes in the rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon have certain tools and utensils common to the area. below are some of these items which can add authenticity to a display.

Palm-Fiber Fan
Item #  120
Size      Approx. 12-15 in dia
Description     Used by the Urarina people to start their cooking fires.
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Wooden Ladle
Item #  505
Size      Typically 30 inches long
Description     Used by the Urarina people to make mazato. I find these when I can.
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Batan and Maso
Item #  510
Size      Approx. 10-12 in.
Description     Used by the Urarina people crush grain
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Large Batan and Maso
Item #  515
Size      Typically 20 inches long
Description     Used by the Urarina people to make mazato.
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Black Pottery
Item #  605
Description     Typical pottery from the jungle
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Ocher Pottery With Decorations
Item #  705
Description: From a village near Iquitos, Peru.
I like this pottery but it's hard to ship. I can send it up in cubic meter-size boxes to wholesalers or include it in a larger shipment.


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Maso Collection
Item #  520
Size      Approx. 12-20 in. long
Description     Used by the Urarina people to make mazato
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Rice Gleaning Basket (tinaja)
Item # 522
Rice is abundant along the Amazon River. It's planted at high water in the flood plain and harvested when the river recedes. The grain is pounded by hand to loosen the chaff then the mix is tossed into the air with the tinaja to separate the chaff from the grain.

These tinaja are made from the palm and often given a certain decorative flair. Sizes vary from about 1 ft across to nearly 3 ft.

Hanging Decoration
Item #  310
Size      Approx. 18 in
Hanging Decoration using Calabash gourd and paiche scales
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Ceremonial Belt.
Item #  305
Size      Approx. 18 in
Wear it or hang it on the wall.
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