Hanging decorative piece from the Peruvian Amazon
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I've spent many hours traveling the Amazon River on hammock boats and watching women making these interesting hanging decorations. They start with a calabaza gourd, then attach a variety of beadwork with thread made from the Chambira palm,  Nuts are woven into the design as well as colorful seeds from the Amazonian coral tree and scales from the huge paiche, , the world's largest freshwater fish.

These hanging pieces decorate the modest homes along the river and some find their way into the village marketplaces.

This decorative piece is about 6 inches in diameter and 15 inches tall. It was made by women of the Yagua tribe and is a good example of the their craftwork. In the photograph you see one-half of a calabaza gourd, Lagenaria siceraria The black seeds are achira, Canna, The purple tubes are from cana brava, Gynerium sagittatum, the gray seeds are rosario, Coix lacryma-jobi, the red seeds near the bottom are huayruro, Ormosia. The large red and purple scales are from the piache fish, Arapaima gigas, the purple dye is probably from the mishquipanga tree, Renealmia alpina, chambira cord, Astrocaryum chambira, holds up the piece.

More information on the materials used in this piece.

Note: The item you receive may differ slightly from the piece in the photograph.

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