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Ceremonial Belt From The Peruvian Amazon
Item #305

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Yagua women fashion these decorative belts from chambira fibers, coral tree seeds, and palm nuts.

During ceremonies, I watched Yagua women dance with these belts around their waists. The gentle swaying the hanging decorations and the hollow rattle of the palm nuts drove their men to distraction. These belts are also used as decorations around the home.

Later, while bartering with a village chief for blowguns, his wife offered a few of her belts for trade. I brought a few pieces back to the states to see if they would generate any interest.

This belt would make a fine decoration, an addition to a collection of rainforest culture, or you could tie it around your waist and drive your man (or woman) to distraction.

(The item for sale may differ slightly from the belt in the photograph)

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