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I'm not happy with the blowguns I'm finding down here. The quality is poor and what I do find will probably warp when shipped to the US. I've thought about a kind  of humidor--a box with a glass lid with the blowgun inside and a means for keeping the inside humid.

Also parcel post in Peru limits the length to 1-1/2 meters. So I must ship by DHL or in volume by ocean freighter. I'll keep you informed what happens if and when these problems are solved.


Product Typical Fishing Spear
Item #  805
Size      Approx. 6 ft long
Delivery time   60 days
Description     Interesting mixed-technology piece using metal with traditional materials.
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Product Bow and Spear Set
Item #  815
Size      3-4 ft long
Delivery time        60 days
Description     Bow made from pona palm, spear has metal barbs and cane shaft
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