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Large wooden ladles From the Peruvian Amazon
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The Urarina people use these wooden ladles when they make mazato, a brew from the yucca root. Boiled yucca roots are crushed and tradition has it that women chew a portion of the yucca and spit it back into the mixture to jump start the fermentation process.

Visitors to the village are usually offered a bowl of mazato as a sign of welcome.

I've drank many bowls of mazato with no ill effects save for an unpleasant headache the next morning.

I bartered for this ladle at a Urarina village along the Rio Chambira. The ladle is about 3 feet long and made from an interesting hardwood. It's stirred plenty of mazato and shows some use along the edges.

This ladle may be gone by the time you order, but what you get will be similar.

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